Club Furniture

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Club Chairs and Banquette Seating to fit

Ease & Co provide a wide range of club furniture. Using premium quality raw materials and highly skilled British craftsmen we provide superior quality furniture for clubs and social venues.

Our individual approach to each project ensures that the most suitable type of furniture and fitting is used. We measure your space and precisely plan any banquette and bench seating. Our experienced and dedicated carpenters and upholsterers use premium upholstery materials with longevity guaranteed, taking in account also the right firmness of the filling material, working correctly with selected fabric and follow its pile and pattern, making sure that the plinth matches the rest of the furniture. Every bench seating is manufactured in our workshop to the exact fit and therefore we can oversee the quality in every step. We also use the highest quality chair frames which are further finalized in our workshop into club furniture according the client’s request.